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Terms and Conditions

Brokerage and Support

    PAS (Professional Accuracy Service) and Trade is phisical commodity brokerage portal. It’s intended for support in trade. Information presented for guides only and could be updated. In case you would like to receive updated support in trade please send inquiry with indication what kind of service do you need. Web-site done myself based on personal education and working experience: 2006 – till now – consulting, trading, brokerage; 1999-2006 Trader; 1992-1999 Head of grain departmnet of SGS Ukraine. 1980-1992 Mate of the captain on Seagoing vessel.
    Trade leads given on a portal, express the position of the registered users. Prices subject to change without notice, prices valid for limited time only or until stock/demand lasts. You can send inquiry based on trade lots available on Trade page or based on your own demand.

The list of products our company working with:
- Cereals – Wheat, Barley, Corn, Millet, Rye, Canary Seeds, Oats, Sorghum;
- Oilseeds – Soybeans, Sunflower, Rapeseeds, Flax oil seeds, Mustard seeds;
- Pulses – Peas, Chickpeas, Vetch, Lentil;
- Vegoil – Sunoil, Rapeoil, Soyoil;
- Foodstuff – Wheat flour, Rye flour, Sugar, Coriander
- Feedstuff - Bran, Meal, Cake, Pulp;
List of agro commodities is not limited by above. You can send inquiry and we will do our best to fulfil your request.

You will receive Professional Accuracy Service (PAS) information support in:
- International commodity trading of goods (LOI, BCL, FCO, ICPO and etc); supervision inspections of agricultural commodities; Laboratory analyses of commodities as per GAFTA, FOSFA, EC, GOST, DSTU standards. 
- We is assisting you to trade on Incoterms basis (EXW, CPT, CFR, CIF, FOB, DAF, DDU, etc). Commodities could be shipped by vessels (in bulk, in woven polypropylene bags, jumbo bag, big bags), in containers (in bulk, container bags, tanks, flex tanks, etc), wagons, trucks and etc..
- Competitive price will arise by showing your trade leads demands at once to the word traders, brokers, suppliers, manufactures, exporters, importers and other businessman, which have offer, bids or inquiries of commodities.

Before to exchange any contact details and/ or any confidential information you have to have Brokerage Contract with us. Main details are presented below:

Brokerage Contract
Represented by Mr. , Director, acting in accordance with Statute, on the one part, 

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