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Crude Sunflower Oil, Offer, GL

container, flaxi-tank
Lot: Ask
Dated: 12. 7. 2019
Origin: Ukraine
Qtty: 2000

Crude sunflower oil, non-refined in bulk 22000 kgs/ 24,000 Litters in flexy tank in 20 ft container
Crude Sunflower oil, Non-refined, winterized in bulk 22000 kgs/ 24,000 Litters in flexy tank in 20 ft container

Specification Crude sunflower seed oil, in bulk
Smell and taste Inherent to sunflower oil, without outside smell and aftertaste, bitterness
Color number, mg of iodine 25.0 < 25,0
Acid value, mg KON/g 4,0 < 3,0
Peroxide value, ½ O Mmol/kg 7,0 < 5,0
Mass fraction of moisture and volatiles content, % 0,2 < 0,2
Mass fraction of phosphorus-containing substances in terms of stearooleoletsytyn 0.6 < 0.6
Temperature of flash of oil, °С,not less 225 225
Mass fraction of not fat admixtures, % 0,1 0,1
Iodine number г J2/100г 125-145 125-145
Screening for Genetically Modified Crop Not detected
Mass fraction of erucic acid, % Not found
Conclusion: According to the tests, crude sunflower oil responded to the DSTU 4492:2005

SUBJECT OF THE SOFT CORPORATE OFFER (SCO). The SELLER undertakes to supply and transfer to the BUYER, and the BUYER undertakes to accept the Goods and to pay it on the terms of the present SCO. Title of goods. Notwithstanding delivery of or the passing of risk in the goods to Buyers or any rule, regulation or provision to the contrary, title of goods shall not pass to the buyers until sellers have received payment of their invoice value in full in accordance with the terms of this SCO.

Minimum order:
- Sunflower oil in PET bottles – 1x40ft container
- Sunflower oil in tens/cans – 1x20ft container.
- Sunflower oil in bulk in flexytanks – 4x20ft containers.
Labels: Custom labels are available per customer’s request (additional charges may apply).

Payment terms:
- by SWIFT by TT - 30% down-payment and balance 70% 3 days before of loading;
- by Letter of Credit at sight issued or confirmed by first class European or US banks. Buyer has to provide copy of past LC to us for review by our bank, financial and legal departments before as we accept LC (4x40’ fcls with PET bottles is minimum order and 20x20’flcs for sunflower oil in bulk, Country of destination of cargo has to be free from financial sanction; price +3%);

All other terms, conditions and rules, not in contradiction with the above contained in FOSFA of which the parties admit that they have knowledge and notice, apply to this transaction. The parties undertake not to reduce at execution of the Present SCO cooperation to observance only requirements containing by the Present SCO, to support business contacts and to take all necessary measures for maintenance of efficiency and development of commercial communications.

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