Production of animal feed begins with the reception and analysis of feedstock. The acceptance feedstock line is equipped by separating machine for filtration of primary products from not feeding foreign body and  dust. And also the line of peeling chaffy crops (barley) is mounted. Completely built weight hopper with metering accuracy 0.5 kg/t is used on the line of the basic dosing. Quantity of the dosed out components is to 15. The line of micro dosing is equipped by high-accuracy scales for weighing of portions with metering accuracy of 0.025 kg/t. Feed meal plant also is equipped by twin-shaft paddle mixer, which achieves high quality of mixing (coefficient of variation not less than 97%). Quantity of the dosed out components is to 12. Through macro-and microdosing and the appropriate mix, it allows producing additionally animal feed-concentrates, complete animal feed, protein-vitamin and protein-vitamin-mineral supplements, protein-vitamin concentrates on this line. 
feed mill1
The junction point of mixing is complemented by the line of intake of liquid components (oil) with weight measuring.