Trade Commodities

Hemp Seeds

This section is for trading of Oil-seeds commodities: Hemp seeds. Trade Lots presented at web-site based on inquiry from seller (ask, offer) or buyer (bid). If you are willing to buy or sell goods please send inquiry from form Contact Autour on the end of each trade lot you are interesting in or via Registration. Terms and conditions are as per Brokerage. Awaiting your inquiries.

Trade CommoditiesPackingLotDatedPictureQttyUnitICTdata
Offer, Hemp, Seeds, ECTruck, bagAsk5. 11. 2018thumb_oi-hempseed244MTFCAView Details
Buy, Hemp, Seeds, ECcontainer, bagBid2. 11. 2018thumb_oi-hempseed222MTCFRView Details
Offer, Hemp, Seeds, UATruck, big bagAsk21. 9. 2018thumb_oi-hempseed250MTFCAView Details