Trade Agricultural Goods

Trade Oil Seeds

Flax-Oil Seeds, Hemp seeds, Mustard seeds, Pumpkin Seeds, Rapeseed, Safflower, Soybeans, Sunflower. 
Trade Lots presented at web-site based on inquiry from seller (ask, offer) or buyer (buy, bid) valid limited time
To buy or sell goods send inquiry via Contact data on the end of each trade lot or via Registration.
Terms and conditions are as per Brokerage terms. Awaiting your Offers/ Bids.

Trade CommoditiesPackingLotDatedPictureQttyUnitICTdata
Rapeseed, Offer, AA1FCLs, bulkAsk22. 1. 2020thumb_oi-rapeseeds22000MTDAPView
Soybean, Non-GMO, Offer, GLFCLs, bulkAsk21. 1. 2020thumb_oi-soya22000MTCFRView
Rapeseed, Offer, BSvessel, bulkAsk21. 1. 2020thumb_oi-rapeseeds25000MTFOBView
White Mustard Seeds, Offer, ECtruck, big bagAsk21. 1. 2020thumb_oi-mseeds-white2800MTDAPView
Black Mustard Seeds, Offer, ECFCLs, bulkAsk21. 1. 2020thumb_oi-mustardseeds-black2400MTCFRView
Black Mustard Seeds, Buy, ECtruck, big bagBid16. 1. 2020thumb_oi-mustardseeds-black2220MTDAPView
Soybean, NON GMO, Buy, AAFCLs, 50 kg bagsBid14. 1. 2020thumb_oi-soya-gmo-free-anec41-2150MTCFRView
Radish Seeds, Buy, GLFCLs, bulkBid14. 1. 2020thumb_oi-radish250MTCFRView
Milk Thistle Seeds, Buy, ECcontainer, bulkBid14. 1. 2020thumb_oi-holy-thistle-seeds22MTCFRView
Brown Linseed, Offer, ECFCLs, bulkAsk14. 1. 2020thumb_oi-flax-oil-brown2100MTCFRView