Seller Represented by Director, acting in accordance with the Articles of Association, on the one part, and Buyer Represented by Director, acting in accordance with Articles of Association, on the other part, have made this Contract whereby it is agreed as follows. Goods Sunflower seeds in bulk, crop, Ukraine origin.
2. Price. USD 000.00 () per MT delivered Free On Board stowed and trimmed (FOB – Incoterms) one safe berth of port.
3. Quantity. ,000 metric tons +/-10% in buyer’s option. Final at loading port as per Certificates of Quantity issued by a first class surveyor company (over 0.5 per cent difference of weighing at load port and draft survey on Seller's account). Inspection to be ordered and paid by the Buyer. Seller has his right to order inspection company on his own expences for checking of quantity.
4. Quality. Quality final at loading as per SGS certificates at sellers costs. Buyers have the right to appoint their own FOSFA approved surveyor to perform co-joint sampling of the cargo. Such surveyor for buyers’ account.
Specification: - Oil content: Basis 44% oil, TQ, reciprocal allowances 1,5% for each 1% over or under the basis, fractions in proportion.
- Moisture: Basis 9%, maximum 10% moisture non-reciprocal allowance 1:1 to be paid from sellers to buyers between 9% and 10% fractions in proportion.