Terminal offers to you an accumulation, storage and transshipment of cereals, oilseeds and feed-stuff.

A terminal is meant for transshipments of goods from a railway and trucks, drying and separation of goods with the subsequent shipping them on seagoing vessel. A terminal allows to make transshipment on ships with the using of river barges (side -side) on the roads of River Sea port.Loading of river barges on a terminal is carried out at own berth long 66 m, that allows to make loading of one barge/ship a carrying capacity to 1200 tons with a subsequent transshipment on port roads. Depth of waterway on the roads of River Sea port 7,5 m, that provides passing vessels a carrying capacity to 15000 tons. A presence on moorage of equipment for shipping of goods on barge/ship enables unloading 1500 tons of goods in 24 hours. The advantageous location of grain terminal furthers export of goods through the Black sea.

Allows to carry out basic technical descriptions and technological process of terminal:
1. receiving of goods by trucks 1500 mt per 24 hours, wagons 500 per 24 hours;
2. receiving of goods by RW wagons 500 per 24 hours;
3. loading of goods into trucks 1000 mt per 24 hours;
4. loading of goods on barges 1500 mt per 24 hours;
5. separate or general storage of goods up to 22000 mt based on the order of Principals
6. separator cleaning of goods to standard or export/ import contract condition – 100 mt per hour;
7. drying of goods to export/ import condition for safe storage and carriage: cereals 43 mt per hour with decreasing 4% humidity; oilseeds 54 mt per hour with decreasing 1% humidity;
8. loading of goods on sea going vessel oilseeds 800/ cereals 1500 mt per 24 hours,
9. loading of goods into containers to be negotiated with Principal.

Offer for Transshipment at sea port, Ukraine

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