We have positive picture regading Oilseeds Futures. 
1. Seller issue SCO Buyer confirms soft offer and issues up-to-date irrevocable corporate purchase order (ICPO) with full banking information address to the principal seller.
2. Seller issue FCO Buyer confirmed and signs returns full corporate offer (FCO) with appropriate authorized signature, seal, including the following documents:
(1) acceptance letter,
(2) buyer’s corporate license
(3) comprehensive company profile
(4) scanned copy of buyer’s international passport.
The above mention documents will serve purpose of verification before issuance of Refinery Allocation, Talon Number acquisition and change of ownership title to buyer company name. Under   Gold Group acceptance of the signatory and initial on the returned FCO, including all the requested documents, p will issue Talon Number and Application form to buyer, Buyer will endorse sign send it back to seller.