RULES of the execution of the transport service and freight forwarding during the transfer of foreign trade and transit cargoes. These Rules define terms and conditions of the effecting of the transport service and freight forwarding of foreign trade and transit cargoes (hereinafter, as a rule-cargoes) and the procedure of their transportation and they are obligatory for all participants of transport and freight forwarding process.
Transport and freight forwarding activity
   1. Transport service and freight forwarding, activity are being carried out by the subjects of business activities – by freight forwarders which have received the special permit (license) for this kind of activity in accordance with established procedure and act by order of consignors and consignees (hereinafter - cargo owners) Freight forwarders performs their functions without any interference to the economic activities of transport
   2. Transport and freight forwarding services being provided by freight forwarders consist of complex of different services which arc connected with preparation and dispatch of cargoes, carrying out of mutual settlements, control for passing and receiving of cargoes.
   3. The freight forwarders according to the order of cargo owners: organize transporting