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Deal: Bid
Dated: 14-01-2020
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Quantity: 50
Price: 650
Meta Description: CIS
Full Description :

Buyer is ready to buy and looking for Seller ready to offer commodity.
Please advise quality.

Based on last shipment quality was:
Hulled sunflower seed kernels, code the UCC FEA 1206009100
Product name: Hulled sunflower kernels
Grade:     Bakery
Color: Gray to white
Flavor: Typical

Physical attributes:     
Purity: Min. 99.95 %
Broken kernels: Max. 6%
Moisture: Max. 8%
Semi shelled kernels: Max.0.3%  
X-ray sortered  Free from glass, wood, stones, metal
Damage and seed with untypical color 1.5 % max

Microbiological Analysis:     
Does the product include GMO: Negative
Pathogens: Negative
Salmonella in 25 g:    Negative
E.coli in 1 g: Negative
Pesticides: In conformity with national and EU rules
Aflatoxin: In conformity with national and EU rules
Heavy metals     
Cadmium     < 0,1mg/kg
Lead     < 0,1mg/kg
Recommended Storage Conditions:     
Temperature     15°C
Humidity     65% max

Product was packed in multi-wall paper bags of 25kg ±0.2 kg on wooden pallets.
Payment: CAFD
Each shipped Consignment of goods is to be accompanied by the set of the original documents as follows:
- B/L;
- Invoice.
- Certificate of quantity and quality;
- Certificate of Origin (EUR1);
- Health Certificate;
- Packing list;
Quality and Quantity of the goods are final at loading based on quality certificate issued by GAFTA/ FOSFA inspection company ordered and paid by seller.

Please send offer on CFR Basis by e-mail or contact form below

Contact: Sergey
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Address: Odessa, Ukraine
Located in: Kernels

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